Professor Chris Baines

Professor Chris Baines - Chair, WFLP

Chris Baines is one of the UK's leading independent environmentalists. He is a horticulturalist, landscape architect, naturalist and author.

John Iles

John Iles - Vice Chair

John is the director of the Wyre Community Land Trust based at Uncllys Farm in the heart of the Wyre Forest. He has a background in engineering, regeneration and conservation.

Tim Selman

Tim Selman - Strategic Development Manager

Peter Miller

Peter Miller - Managing Director of Bewdley Development Trust

Peter has been managing director of Bewdley Development Trust for nearly 5 years. The Trust is a Community Interest Company developing Bewdley as a thriving market town focusing on business development, social housing, local food & renewable energy, tourism and community development.

Saul Herbert

Saul Herbert - Natural England

Saul is Senior Reserve Manager for Natural England in the Wyre Forest. He has been working in the Wyre for 4 years and has a background of 20 years working in outdoor activities.

James Tibbetts

James Tibbetts - Chair of Royal Forestry Society

James is a resident of the Wyre and private owner of 200 acres of woodlands (SSSI and nature reserve.) He has been a member of the Royal Forestry Society for 30 years.

Clive Wilmer

Clive Wilmer - Master, Guild of St. George

Clive Wilmer is a director of the Guild of St George, a charity founded by the Victorian critic, thinker and social reformer John Ruskin. The Guild of St. George own an area of the Wyre Forest near Bewdley which was historically purchased by John Ruskin to pursue his holistic and utopian ideal. 100 acres of woodland now managed by Forestry Commission.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith - Chair of Bewdley Development Trust

Robert is a resident of Bewdley and regular forest user. Bewdley Development Trust is a community interest company with close links to Wyre Forest District Council, Worcestershire County Council and is well connected in the community. BDT provide secretariat for the Board and office space for Tim Selman.

Jenny Joy

Jenny Joy - Butterfly Conservation

Jenny has been involved in the Wyre Forest since the 1980’s.The Wyre Forest has England's largest population of pearl-bordered fritillary butterflies. She is working closely with the Forestry Commission and Natural England and on a current project ‘Reconnecting the Wyre Forest.' The project will carry out a landscape-scale, targeted programme of coppice restoration and ride management in lowland mixed deciduous woodland within the Wyre. 

Rosemary Winnall

Rosemary Winnall - Wyre Forest Study Group

The Wyre Forest Study Group is very active in and around the forest. With the designation of the Wyre Prime Biodiversity Area, biological recording by the group becomes even more important as we try to find out what is present, what the trends are and where possible to pass information to woodland managers. Rosemary is committed to sharing information on wildlife and the Wyre Forest and is an expert on species identification.

Glenys Tucker

Glenys Tucker - Natural England

Glenys is a Natural England area manager and has been associated with the Wyre since 1994. Priorities similar to the Forestry Commission.

Adam Mindykowski

Adam Mindykowski - Archive and Archaeology at Worcestershire County Council

Adam specialises in landscape archaeology. He delivered a LiDAR study through the Grow with Wyre Project. This survey gave a strategic image of the landscape of the Wyre. 

Kevin Stannard

Kevin Stannard - Forestry Commission Manager for West England

 Management area covers North Shrewsbury, South Salisbury and Lands End. Kevin is experienced in forestry work having worked on the west coast of Scotland, Northamptonshire and the Neme Valley.

Georgina Coen

Georgina Coen - Chair of Learning and Access Group

Georgina was previously Community Representative on the Grow with Wyre Board. She is a retired deputy head and local resident of 40 years.

David West

David West - Forestry Commission

Development Manager at Forestry Commission (National.) 

Amanda Pearce

Amanda Pearce - Natural England

Amanda is a plant ecologist and has worked with the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Now her role with Natural England is as national stakeholder and relationships manager. She has experience of the Wyre through secondment and has links with the Woodland Trust.

John Campion

John Campion - Leader of Wyre Forest District Council

John Campion is the leader of the Wyre Forest District Council. He is also the Cabinet Member for Localism and Communities at Worcestershire County Council.

WFDC is very supportive and seriously considers Wyre Forest development.

Ellie Hooper

Ellie Hooper - Secretariat

Ellie currently works as Communications and Development Officer at Bewdley Development Trust. She is also PA to the Mayor of Bewdley and has developed many contacts in the area.