Getting involved

This is the Wyre Forest Landscape Partnership's approach to making a difference to the community and forest by getting YOU involved! From choosing to buy locally to volunteering, there are lots of options for you to look at which will help change our environment for the better.

There are lots of examples of people across the country making things better for themselves and their local community.  Making a difference is based on people being willing and able to contribute their time, ideas, skills and experience for the good of the wider community - in other words - getting involved!

WFLP is committed to working with local people and groups to deliver sustainable and effective services for the benefit of the community and the forest.

We want to share our thinking and engage in an ongoing conversation with individuals, organisations and partners about how together we can make localism work in the Wyre Forest.

We want to hear from groups or residents who would like to involve themselves in their own area, either in the delivery of local services or instigating/participating in local projects or sharing ideas.

We are actively working with groups on local initiatives and developing ways in which we can enable local people and community groups to develop and/or take ownership of assets or services.

How can you get involved? WFLP encourage and support the formation of volunteer and friends groups.  If there is a space near you, or an area which you use and care about, why not get together with friends and neighbours and help to make it a space to be proud of? Contact us  to explore opportunities to get involved. Community groups and other organisations are often eligible for funding. So get your thinking caps on and get in touch with your ideas!