August in the Forest

There are plenty of forest-themed events going on this month.

The format of Wild in Wyre has changed a little over the years but still the aim is to give 8 – 11 year olds a time of fun and adventure playing in a secret forest location. This year Thursday 6th and Thursday 20th August are available and one or both of the days can be booked by calling 0300 067 4855 or emailing [email protected] . The days, which start at the Discovery Centre at 9am and end at 4.30pm, will be led by experienced Forestry Commission Learning Team staff and include shelter-building, fire lighting and making bows and arrows. The cost is £25 per day and a £10 deposit will be needed.

Make sure that you get to the Wyre Forest exhibition at Bewdley Museum over the school holidays. This is an introduction to the forest for those who haven’t been before, and even those of you who know it well may discover something new. You can find out about the archaeology hidden under the trees, learn how the landscape has inspired the arts, and have a go at the quiz centred around the display of weird objects! There will be some wildlife and craft activities for children, and during the month there will be a programme of 14 guided walks in the forest which will cater for a range of interests and abilities. I’d love to go on one of the Dusk Walks to listen for bats and owls, or walk from Bewdley to Cleobury. And will I rise to the challenge of the 7-mile Cleobury Food and Ale Trail? (‘It depends how much you eat’, I can hear my friends saying) Pick up a leaflet from the library, museum and other outlets around the town or call at the Forest Café or FC offices when you’re in the forest. The exhibition and ‘Walking Festival’ are brought to you by the Wyre Forest Landscape Partnership – a group of organisations and individuals who care for ‘our forest’ and want to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

Don’t forget the forest during the holidays. You have to pay if you park your car but the beautiful and varied habitats and their wildlife are there for you, completely free, each day.

Linda Iles