24 hours of wildlife magic!

Join us for our giant survey of Lower Smite Farm to discover what we have, how many we have and where we have wildlife.

The Bioblitz event will be held from 12pm on Saturday 19th July, until 12pm on Sunday 20th July. We are looking for experts in their field to come along and help us ID everything in selected areas over this time period, as well as general helpers for things like car parking, sales, refreshments, kids activities, writing down records as they come in, etc. Would you, or anyone you know be interested in helping out with any of this?

The areas that will be covered are the garden, orchard/meadow and pond area, so we are hoping to have some/all of the gardening group around for Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Below are proposed time slots, but any time you can give would be brilliant!

For more information, contact Dominique Cragg [email protected]

Saturday: 12pm to 4.00pm

Saturday: 4.00pm to 8.00pm

Saturday: 8.00pm to Midnight

Sunday: Midnight to 4.00am

Sunday: 4.00am to 8.00am

Sunday: 8.00am to Midday