Wyre Forest Landscape Partnership Vice Chairman John Iles features in a new film urging people to think about the next generation in Worcestershire. He wants people to get involved with a project which aims to sustain our environment for the future and to develop opportunities for young people in the county.

John says "the environment is one of Worcestershire's key assets and the reason why many of us live and work here. The next generation project really gets to grips with some of the enviromental challenges that we're going to face in the next twenty to fourty years." He added that flooding is a major concern with ten percent of Worcestershire's land mass at risk of flooding.

What comes across from the project is that young people are really concerned about the use of energy and want to see alternative, renewable sources and green technologies becoming the norm. They want to see massive shifts in awareness of the environmental impacts of our actions. They also want a future where we make big reductions in our carbon emissions.

The film was shot on location at Uncllys Farm in the middle of the Wyre Forest which is the base for the Wyre Community Land Trust which is an organisation that was set up by Mr Iles. To find out more, visit http://www.wclt.org.uk

Leaders are being asked to log-on to http://wearethenextgeneration.co.uk or search Worcestershire Next Generation on Facebook and Twitter to find out more information and make a difference for the future.