This applies to WBRA Life Members only (see membership page)

Your Rider Permit will allow you also to ride outside of visitor centre opening/closing hours.

You will be issued with a coloured rider hatband for the current year.  Each subsequent year the hatband will change colour on the first of January to validate membership.


Unless you have the annual horse parking area permit (which is an optional extra) you will need to pay a parking fee of £4.00 from the machine each time you visit if boxing in, and you will park in the public area car park. This would apply if you are an infrequent user or want to try the forest before purchasing a full rider permit or may only ever use the forest once or twice a year.


This will entitle you to a private parking area for a cost of £30.00 per annum. This will give you access through combination locked gates to a safe and horse only designated parking area away from the general public. This combination will change during January each year.  

This will consist of purchasing a parking ticket at £4.00 from the parking meter and a returnable rider hatband at £5.00 from the Visitors Centre. A refundable deposit is also required for the Day Hatband, at a further £5.00.

Please note Visitor Centre opening/closing times as to when you can obtain this permit and you must ensure your hatband is returned for your deposit refund before the Centre closes. The opening hours for the Visitors Centre are 10am - 5pm or dusk in winter time.

At the end of each December all funds gained by the permits will go back to the Wyre Forest for enhancements to rider facilities, track improvements, etc. These funds will only be used in the Wyre Forest and only for equestrian use.