Celebrate the Wyre Forest

  • Saturday 24th October
  • 10am - 4pm
  • The Forestry Commission Discovery Centre, Callow Hill, DY14 9XQ. 

The Wyre Forest Fayre is a fun day out for the whole family. There will be lots going on with a variety of local and traditional producers and craftspeople from in and around the Wyre Forest selling their wares and demonstrating their skills. From the Visitor Centre, take the wren route through the forest to browse stalls, taste freshly pressed apple juice, have a go at some green wood working, try your hand at pole lathing, watch horse logging, stop and talk to people who manage the countryside, who rescue bats and who survey butterflies, birds and lots more...


GUIDED WALKS at 10.30 and 13.30

10.30 -  A Walk through the Hidden Landscape. This walk will explore a landscape that tells a story of deep history along part of the forest edge and its relationship with the rare lowland heath of Pound Green Common. We will walk along centuries old tracks to look at the evidence for industry, medieval settlements and the ghosts of ancient farming and fossilised landscapes.

Distance: 2.5 miles (approximately)

Difficulty: Moderate with some difficult terrain; not suitable for young children, buggies, mobility scooters and please no dogs because of livestock on Pound Green Common and horses in paddocks.

13.30 - Wyre Forest Walk. Management of the Wyre Forest is about to see a major change under a new 10 year plan. This walk will explore Town Coppice, looking at what makes the forest so valuable for wildlife and see examples of the types of change that the new plan will deliver across the forest.

Distance: 2.0 miles (approximately)

Difficulty: Moderate with some difficult terrain; not suitable for young children, buggies, mobility scooters. No dogs please.

BUSHCRAFT SESSIONS at 11.00 and 13.00

Join Step Out, the home of outdoor learning and experiences to create memories your family will treasure for years to come.  Light your own fire and bake damper bread in the hot coals. Damper is an iconic Australian dish which was traditionally developed by stockmen who travelled in remote areas for weeks or months at a time.


Enjoy the beautiful surroundings by joining Step Out for a family bike ride through the Forest.


From their family run shop, Bewdley Outdoors hire bicycles to people who love the river, hills and countryside. Today they will be in the Forest hiring bikes at a bargain price for people to cycle the designated paths through the Wyre.


Forest Pig produces the finest pork products from their own woodland reared and free range pigs. Being in the midst of the Wyre Forest they can see the wonderful relationship that exists between forest and pig. It is only in woodland that pigs lead a fully natural life, spending the entire day foraging for the fruits of the forest, acorns, beech nuts and blackberry roots amongst their favourites, and building nests from woodland materials as nature intended. 

Stop off at the café to enjoy some sausages provided by Forest Pig for one day only!


Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises both mind and body. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map; it does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run or walk making progress at your own pace. Take yourself off the beaten track and out into the Forest with a free mini-taster orienteering map thanks to the Frank Chapman Centre!


Wytchwood Morris are a mixed side of men and women based in the Wyre Forest area of Worcestershire. They perform both traditional and self penned dances within the Welsh Border, Molly and Cotswold traditions. Folklore, mythology and local legend has a large influence on their style and repertoire .

"We don't want Morris preserved in a bottle on a museum shelf - we want it living ,breathing and evolving out on the streets to entertain and inspire the next generation of Morris dancers..."


Ant Beetlestone is a renowned local artist who has spent many years experimenting with sculpture among various other forms of art. Ant will be using a chainsaw to carve an intricate sculpture from an oak log. This is a truly fantastic thing to see, so make sure you stop to watch the amazingly creative and precise process of a log being transformed into a piece of art.


For guided walks, bike ride and bushcraft please meet at sign-posted meeting point near Visitors Centre Cafe.

2015 is the first year that this event has run, so come along and support your local community in the hope that this will be the first year of many!